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Apadravia Advice.

If you are curious what this piercing is then contact your piercer or Access All Areas for further information. This piercing has been usually fitted with a barbell (2.4mm or 2.5mm gauge) or two rings. Not a terribly easy piercing to stretch, you may consider asking your nearest friendly piercing studio for help. Stretching goes in 0.5mm increments to start with, i.e.2.4mm, 3mm, 3.5mm. From 4mm you need to stretch in 1mm increments. The length of the bar is usually the measurement from top to bottom, when flaccid, plus 3 or 4mm. When erect the measurement is exactly from top to bottom. A dragonfly attachment can be used with the barbell for fun.

Please see 'Measurements needed to order' for more information.
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