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Labret and Madonna (monroe) Advice.

The labret piercing is regularly confused with the lip piercing but the two are totally different. A ring is usually unsuitable for a labret piercing. Your choices are simple titanium, steel or P.T.F.E. labret studs and your choice of accessory (spikes, gem balls etc.) is one of personal taste, although we don't recommend the use of spikes if you likely to cause yourself or others physical damage in any personal pursuits or employment.
PTFE has proved to reduce inflammation and bedding at the initial piercing stage and can be shortened to fit the piercing precisely when the piercing has become fully healed (consult a professional for advice on changing jewellery before the piercing is fully healed).
The Madonna or Monroe piercing as it is sometimes known, shares all of the above criteria, although body piercing nose studs are sometimes worn in healed piercings. The length should be taken from your original jewellery and adjusted accordingly (i.e. if your jewellery is 1mm too long, when your face is relaxed, reduce the size by 1mm)
Please see 'Measurements needed to order' for more information.
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