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Navel Advice.

We recommend that you keep your original piercing jewellery in place for at least 10 weeks however it is advisable to wear navel jewellery until the piercing is fully healed internally, which can be anything from 6 months to 18 months.
Wearing of ball closure rings or spirals can create problems in unhealed piercings as, due to their design, they are prone to movement. This movement can make the piercing sore and encourage the piercing to move (migrate). When worn during healing, rings can also cause infection as when they spin they can take debris into the piercing.
Measure your piercing from hole to hole when lying flat for standard navel piercings (your skin stretches) or when standing for lower navel piercings. We would advise adding 1mm to the length for barbells or 3mm for a ring (i.e. a piercing measuring 10mm should wear an 11mm barbell or a 13mm ring).
Please see 'Measurements needed to order' for more information.
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