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Prince Albert Advice.

This is where the fun begins! You can wear ball closure rings, circular barbells, segment rings, PA barbells, prince's wands and funky numbers such as the PA dragonfly, however the prince's wand and the dragonfly are not recommended for full time wear.
If the ball closure ring, segment ring or circular barbell that you wear is, say 16mm internal diameter and it is comfortable then stick to that i.d. when you stretch the piercing up.
If you are going for a pa barbell and you wear a 16mm i.d. ring then get the barbell at 14mm i.d. (2mm smaller than the ring). This goes for the pa dragonfly as well.
If you are going for the prince's wand then you need to follow the 'measurements needed to order' section. Usually the minimum thickness of 6mm is recommended until you get used to it.
Please see 'Measurements needed to order' for more information.
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