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Tragus Advice.

The recommended pieces of jewellery for this piercing are generally the P.T.F.E. barbell or the d-ring (9mm or 10mm internal diameter usually) as they both promote a strong, stable environment. The shape of the d-ring helps lift it up as it is shorter vertically than the equivalent round ring and so the bottom of the ring does not rest too low down. We strongly recommend the use of the P.T.F.E. barbell for anyone undertaking sports such as boxing or football and anyone who works in an environment where the piercing is likely to receive constant knocks or pressure. Unfortunately this piercing is very hard to change yourself and will probably need the aid of your local piercer. The barbell can have any accessory (spike, gem ball etc.) screwed onto the front.
Please see 'Measurements needed to order' for more information.
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