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Custom Two Piece TunnelCustom Labret SpikesCustom Ampallang / Apadravia Barbell StirrupDragonfly BCRDragonfly Barbell
Dragonfly BCR 4-Way-Wand Custom Pocket Staple Nipple Clamps Hex Secret Necklace Charm Spikey Wand Bullet Weight Motorbike Chain Weight 20mm Screw BCR Custom Arm Jewellery 2-Piece Steel Dildo Arm Spiral Eyeset Ear Claw Top Ear Spiral
Mega Dragonfly Mega Nipple Rounder Mega Pointy Weight Mega Ring-Top Navelbar Mega Story 'O' Ring Mega Weight Nail Mega Nipple Clamps Mega Bullet
The photos displayed are a number of the custom pieces we have produced in conjunction with our sister company Triple A Piercing Supplies.
These are by no means the extent of our capabilities so enquiries and a challange are always welcomed.
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