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Polytetrafluoroethylene, or P.T.F.E. for short, is the ultimate piercing material. It is a highly inert substance and therefore it is suitable for 99.9% of people.
PTFE provides a smooth flexible yet stable piercing material suitable for many different piercings.
Extremely effective in piercings that sustain large degrees of contact pressure and movement, PTFE is the recommended material for those individuals that undertake any high profile sporting activities or work in physically demanding environments.
PTFE jewellery is ideal for those people who are involved in high level exercise programs i.e. weightlifting, aerobics or martial arts of any kind, and those who undertake any of the more extreme sports activities, i.e. surfing, climbing etc. With total flexibility it is a super safe product with enhanced movement capabilities.
Those individuals who suffer with problematic piercings benefit from its completely inert composition.

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